Shopping experience Pinup Girl Clothing, Burbank CA April 23 2014, 0 Comments

Friday before Viva I went shopping in Burbank! First stop was Pinup Girl Clothings shop - I knew this would be an enjoyable experience as soon I the shop windows came into view. Tastefully laid out in sections with a mix of Pinup Girl Clothing garments and accessories, against backdrops utilising Mid Century furniture, lamps and collectibles.
On entering the store was much bigger than it seemed. The outfits were spaced out well and easy to browse through. I commented on the layout and ambience to Doris, one of two very helpful assistants who explained how it had been planned with the neutral coloured walls to avoid detracting from the colourful clothes and the large photographic images of models wearing them.

Shoes and bags were on 1950s atomic styled shelf units.
The changing rooms were large with luxurious velvet curtains and plenty of hooks and a seat/shelf. In each was a cool 'film' poster featuring models and PinUp Girls creator. There was a good and well lit mirror arrangement outside enabling me to see if my bum really did look big in their tiger print two piece swimsuit! 

One part of the store was a beauty salon for hair and make up - a dry hair salon for styling only. Comfortable large salon chairs and mirrors were evident - I wish I had visited on a day when they were in use!