Di Brooks of OuterLimitz and Miss Mary Ann and Miss Ruby Ann's dresses June 08 2017, 0 Comments

Hello all!

So as you all know Di and Tony went to Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend back in April. As well as showcasing in the viva fashion show Di had a special request from miss Mary Ann to recreate one of her own vintage cocktail dresses in a her own colour way for hers and Miss Ruby Ann's set on the stage.

 These are a few Mary Ann's genuine vintage 1950s cocktail dress that she suggested copying in velvet and rhinestones with gold bows! We were excited to have been tasked with creating these dresses for two lovely ladies!

 This is probably the most unusual shapedshoulder strap we have ever seen! It's a boomerang!

Mary Ann provided a vintage gold dress for the bows, and lots of vintage rhinestones and Tiffany settings to hold them onto the dress

the separate parts of the dress pinned together to check measurements and fit as we don't like providing any one with a dress that doesn't fit well!

Di 'is this enough rhinestones?"

Mary Ann "more please!"

A girl can never have too many rhinestones! The finished piece sparkles like a starry night!

one shoulder strap completely rhinestoned! Lots of sparkle to shimmer in the stage lights!

finished dress on the mannequin

 Here we have a photo of of Miss Mary Ann wearing the finished piece on the catwalk for the viva Las Vegas fashion show.


Please click on the photo above to be directed to a video of the ladies on stage at viva Las Vegas! 

Until next time!

Lisa x