Di Brooks of Outerlimitz at the Viva Las Vegas Fashion Show May 13 2017, 0 Comments

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So the last time you heard from me was when I let you know that Di Brooks of Outerlimitz was going to be in the Viva Las Vegas Fashion Show, well now i'm here to bring you all the details of what she showcased on the catwalk.

So when the ladies all got out there the preperations started on the Thursday when they had their first lot of rehearsals, this was a run through of how it was going to be and  a chance to smooth out all of the finer details. While this was a long tiring day for the ladies it gave them a chance to get any worries they had ahead of the main stage on Friday, and Thursday night was a chance to let their hair down and calm their nerves.

Then came the main day! On Friday it was up bright and early ahead of a long and busy day! All the ladies would be getting their hair and make up sorted, ready for a dress rehearsal and a chance to get down the runway and get used to the stage and lights.

Now down to the outfits and models themselves with a quick summary of the outfit, pictures and quotes from the ladies!

I want to start by taking some time to mention the fact that Di even dressed the fashion show compere Stella Star Shiani, who was shining in the classic Hollywood halterneck wiggle dress, which Di added some rhinestones to for some extra sparkles!

First on stage is Miss Mozzy Dee in the classic senorita wiggle dress, with a slim line fit. this dress helps to give an hour glass figure whilst offering medium control. Rockin' the runway with very minimalist accessories Miss Mozzy Dee looks amazing! 

"Di Brooks Of Outerlimitz was a wonderful company to walk for in the Viva Las Vegas Fashion Show! she made sure to get my measurements in advance in order to send me the garment I would be wearing in the show ahead of time to make sure that the garment fit well! this was done even though I lived in the US, and she is based in the UK! I am always amazed at the quality of the garments she creates, and she never fails to get my measurements correct for the garment. Di Brooks is a doll and so appreciative of her models, that I felt like I was at home walking for her at the event. She is definitely one of my favourite dressmakers, and I will always be a fan of her work!" - Miss MozzyDee

Second on stage was Miss LuLu Divine from Australia wearing the Senorita gypsy top and Circle skirt set, which is a vintage 1950s/ Mexican inspired full circle skirt. Miss LuLu Divine did an amazing job of showing off the whole outfit.

"In all Honesty I felt privileged to be able to walk for Di, her fashion is outstanding and stunning!" - Miss LuLu Divine

Third on the catwalk was Ruby Champagne in some new separate items from Di in the form of the striped Teresa top and the classic circle skirt in purple. The lights on the run way just helped to illuminate the colours in this outfit. With a few bangles and some cute ankle strap heels Ruby Champagne accessorised the outfit to pure perfection, and showed the outfit off spectacularly on the run way.

"I've walked in the fashion show for the past 8 years. walking for Di Brooks was one of the most streamlined experiences. All the models worked great together, which resulted in an overall positive and successful segment! i'd be glad to assist her anytime. -Ruby Champagne

Next up was our first model from the UK Miss Jessica Holly in the wonderful Lobster tea timer. this outfit has taken a while to perfect but now its out the what an amazing dress! Whilst on the runway it was shown with out capris - a tea timer was classicly worn with them. Though in my opinion I think this lobster tea timer doesn't need them. With just a cute little fascinator by Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers as an accessory, Miss Jessica Hollys vibrant red hair really completed the look.

"Well the run up to the show went really well considering we only had the day before the event, to all get together and have a run through. Everyone had good vibes and really enjoyed it. There were nerves obviously, but on the day when we were all getting ready we all had such a giggle and the mixture of nerves and excitement made it really fun. Then before we knew it, it was all over and I wanted to do it again! Di did an absolutely fantastic job ( as usual) getting all of our outfits sorted and the whole order of the Outerlimitz catwalk. it was so fun and I hope I can do it again for her." - Miss Jessica Holly

Fifth to represent Di Brooks of Outerlimitz was the lovely Rachel Bennett from the UK,  wearing a beautiful Pake Muu.The dress on the runway was in a lovely white and black tiger print fabric, which is beautifully accentuated with red detailing on the sleeves, and red frogging. Di Brooks breaks the internet any time she releases a new Pake Muu. its such a flattering dress style for any figure. Rachel styled the outfit amazingly with a beautiful poodle hairstyle and beautiful bamboo bracelets.

"When Di asked me if I would model her Pake Muu for her at viva I didn't think twice about it. I knew I loved the dress already and already knew that I felt amazing in it. I was so excited to walk for Di as I love her passion for creating clothing to complement women of all shapes and sizes. I really enjoyed being able to be creative in my poses I felt that Di completed trusted me and told me to 'just do what I do in the mirror'. Di knows from staying with me in the past that that's a risk haha. The buzz I got when I walked out on stage was amazing, just seeing the lights of the cameras flashing and the applause from my fans (they prefer the term friends.). the best feeling I got was after the show. I was approached by multiple people telling me how amazing the collection is and then seeing Brian's amazing pictures I felt a million dollars. I had an amazing time and I'm so glad that Di asked me!" Rachel Bennett

Sixth on the runway was Miss Betty Bones wearing the classic Di Brooks Sarong dress in the volcano print, with a wrap around tie skirt. This is a must have wardrobe item that is available in many other patterns. Miss Betty Bones rocked this on the stage accessorising with classic bamboo bangles, a glorious shell necklace, a hand fan and a flower in a colourway to match.

Seventh on stage was Carrie Hope a DJ and model from here in the UK looking super cute in classic capris in turquoise and the El Paso top in white. A simple yet effective outfit!

" Love it! it was a fantastic experience and a pleasure to model for Di Brooks! and have the opportunity to meet such lovely girls." -Carrie Hope

Eighth on the catwalk was Dorothy Von Fink in the colourful and cute harlequin shorts and gypsy top set. this is an absolutely gorgeous outfit which you can wear together or mix it up and wear as seperates. Trisha looked absolutely gorgeous accessorising with the cutest fringed yellow shoes and a cute waist belt.

"Let me start by saying that it was a huge honor for me to walk in the Viva Las Vegas Fashion show and an even greater honor to walk for Di Brooks of Outerlimitz collection. Her designs were true to form and made every woman modelling for her look like they had jumped off the pages of a vintage fashion magazine. Every Di Brooks model in the show had a different styled garment on that was just as classic and wonderfully constructed as the next! I personally felt confident and comfortable on the runway knowing that the playsuit she constructed for my measurements fit me like a glove! Pure adrenaline rushed through me as the spotlight cued me to walk next, which made a blinding curtain in front of me,. As I stepped out on the runway, all I could hear was the cheers and applause from the audience which was an even greater feeling that had me feeling overwhelmed with happiness. I owe a great deal of thanks to Di Brooks for including me in this amazing and super fun experience that I will never forget. Needless to say, I met some amazing women in this experience who I instantly clicked with that I know I will see again. I will simply state that Di Brooks Of Outerlimitz designs are brilliant, elegant and timeless. I sincerely hope to model for her again in the future for she was a delight to work with and her fashions are a delight to wear" - Dorothy Von Fink

Ninth was Miss Mary Ann in her custom made dress for her performance on stage along side Miss Ruby Ann at Viva Las Vegas. If the photos aren't enough for you check out videos of their amazing performance on youtube!

Tenth on stage was Miss Roxie Roulette in Di Brooks newest jumpsuit addition in a lovely simple black colour accentuated with a gorgeous ivory lace trim and rhinestones! With a pair of lace up ballerina flat shoes this outfit was enough. didn't Roxie Roulette look gorgeous!

"I was so excited to model for Outerlimitz and represent a home grown company at the world's largest rockabilly festival. The nerves hit in the morning (sadly too early for a cocktail to steady them) but as soon as I put on my fabulous outfit and the lights hit me, my nerves disappeared and I had a whale of a time!" - Roxie Roulette

Eleventh to hit the catwalk was Ruby Rabbit a lovely lady who not only got herself ready the morning of the show but also help Queen Bee Di Brooks to get ready as well. These ladies were busy setting hair and doing make up at the very early hours of 7am the Friday morning! On the catwalk Ruby wore the kitty dress, a one shoulder wiggle dress in a sparkly black material! She looked absolutely stunning!

Next on the runway was Dottie Deville wearing the lovely Marnie dress in cream with a gold glittery border print! This dress is a stunning evening cocktail dress. accessorised with some gorgeous gold polly style shoes and a lovely white flower Dottie looked gorgeous in this outfit!

 "Walking for Di Brooks at Viva Las Vegas was an absolute blast. Her designs are classic, elegant and wearable for EVERY size. When I put on my dress I could truly see and feel the craftsmanship that went into the garment and being back stage with the other models you got to see the love she puts into every piece she designs. I can't wait to get my hands on some of her other pieces. Plus she's so delightful, happy and glamourous it's hard to not want to support her!"- Dottie Deville

Then we had Stephanie Jay wearing the beautiful 'Ruby' dress which is a black wiggle dress with a long red fringe on the bust! Stephanie looked wonderful in this beautiful hourglass dress!

"it was great modelling for Di in the Viva 20 fashion show, so fun to prance about in her designs with the whole group looking amazing! It was lovely to meet a fabulous bunch of ladies and Di's designs were shown off gloriously! I found it a total pleasure to shake my tassels for her! Viva Las Vegas!" Stephanie Jay

Fourteenth was the beautiful Suzy C in a longer version of the classic Hollywood dress! Made in sparkly midnight blue lurex this dress is timeless! She looked absolutely stunning on stage, and this dress showed of her amazing figure beautifully!

Last but most certainly not least was the lovely Bettina Scarlett in her namesake and joint collaborated dress! This is their interpretation of a vintage dress made by a famous company. With rows and rows of swishy fringe, and sequins on one side of the bodice adding just the right amount of sparkle, Di certainly pulled out a show stopper for her last piece. Bettina was there to support Di through the whole planning of the fashion show, from writing for Viva La femme and doing the blurb for the show! Doesn't Bettina Scarlett just look phenomenal in this dress.

"The run up to the show was quite nerve racking and I made sure I would message/talk to Di to make sure she was ok as I know how stressful shows can be. The show itself was so much fun, a great bunch of girls to work with and I'd do it all over again if I could!"- Bettina Scarlett Of Bettina Scarlett Presents

We just want to take the time to thank all of the models who took time out of their Viva Las Vegas weekend to represent Di Brooks of Outerlimitz in the Viva fashion show. The staff of Viva Las Vegas for allowing Di Brooks of Outerlimitz to take part in the show. Everyone for their support during the planning and run up to the show, and Brian Conran of Pyramid Clicks for some wonderful photos of the show.

Photo credits go to Brian Conran of Pyramid clicks and Teddy Gomez of Xposer magazine!

I know this was a long post....but until next time

Much love