Welcome to the wonderful world of OuterLimitz!! July 03 2016, 0 Comments

BEHOLD!!! The maiden blog post for Outerlimitz - how exciting! :) It'll be a bit of an insight as to what inspires us, events we'll be at, new things we're working on....basically what we're all about. :) To be honest, this whole blog thing has been a long time coming.

So why not kick this bad boy off by telling y'all about the shop, the Boss Lady herself, and a bit about me. Kind of like a "getting to know you" Freshers Week at college...but without the name tags and awkwardness. 

Di Brooks is probably one of the hardest working females that I know - amongst a few that I have the honour of being friends with. The amount of research she does to produce great quality repro 1950s clothing is astonishing - and her inspirations all stem from the era where it was all about nipped in waists and curve accentuating frocks...and celebrating the female shape. Along with her repro, she also personally inspects and hand picks the best vintage garments for both men and women. Di caters to all tastes, sizes, and styles - whether you want to be a glamasaurus rex or just be super casual in her super comfy capris, which are based on a vintage pattern! I can attest to the comfiness - I own a few pairs myself :p And can I just make a brief mention about the jumpsuits. OH LORD - THE JUMPSUITS. *heart eyes emoji* But I'll leave that one for another day. :)
If I had to think of her most popular item which has been a go-to for many customers, I would have to say - without a doubt - her sarong dress. Just such a flattering fit and they suit anyone.
Oh, yeah - did I mention that she sources her Hawaiian prints DIRECTLY FROM HAWAII?! So there. :)  Di prides herself by choosing only the best fabrics for her garments - the amount of research she does to ensure that the fabric is the right one for a certain piece is ridiculous. Craaaaay attention to detail.

Now, going down the vintage Polynesian route - we have been cracking the pake muu/tea timers and making them our own. After making my wedding dress (which was a muu), I knew that they were the way forward....and now they're slowly climbing up the popularity ladder to join the sarong dress.
In Di's own words : "I have a passion for vintage clothing and the vintage lifestyle - this is not a fad! Its how I have lived for longer than I care to own up to!" I like to think that her clothing reflects her personality and what she would buy to wear. :)
As for me - sewing is my everything. It's my life. Being a dressmaker is probably the only thing that has held my interest for more than a minute. "Why? That's a bit dumb to say", I hear you mutter. Well. The beautiful thing about sewing is that you are constantly learning something new : whether it's learning a new technique to make a project easier or pushing yourself to your limit in order to put together a totally new garment. My mom has always said that I've been a creative type, always drawing and coming up with outfits...and just had a general interest in making stuff. Saying that, I'm constantly learning new things and having to step out of my comfort zone so I can improve my skills.  

When I got the chance to work for Di years ago, I jumped at the opportunity....and there began my love affair with vintage fashion. The more I learned about clothing construction, the more I wanted to make this my career. Working closely with Di on different projects and coming up with new concepts has made me grow as a person and as a seamstress. Okay, yeah - I have stumbled at hurdles and had to unpick a seam or two...but it's all a learning curve. I've been one busy mofo ever since.
What drives me to continue doing what I do (even when I feel like I'm all "meh") is seeing customers in OL garb, looking fabulous and happy. SO - THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. YOU GUYS ROCK.
My other interests include music, collecting vinyl records, watching my stories, rioja.....and last, but definitely not least, my husband (and happens to be Di's son) who has been super supportive of all my sewing endeavors.
There it is - a bit of an insight to the world of OuterLimitz!! Hope y'all enjoyed our first post....because you can be sure that there will be plenty more where that came from!!!
until next time......T xxxxx