Mariachi - 1950s Vintage inspired Mexican Gypsy Crop Top


Awesome 1950s Vintage Inspired repro crop gypsy top with a Mexican Mariachi theme!


Matching capri pants also available!

Top is elasticated at sleeves, neckline and hem, can worn on or off the shoulders.

Sizes (in inches)

XXS  bust 32

XS    bust 34

S      bust 36

M     bust 38

L      bust 40

XL    bust 42

 Ready to ship

100% cotton with 100% man made trim. Hand wash gently. Iron with care.

 UK shipping £4

European shipping £10

Overseas £12.95


Modeled by Bernie Dexter, photos by Levi Dexter

Photo with a car - Ruby Ann, Rhythm Bomb recording artist


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