SALE Parasol - Cherry paper Sun Umbrella


Previously £30
Protect your skin from the evil rays of the sun! Accessorize your favorite outfit! Preserve your tattoos! Decorate any room
in your home, garage, tattoo studio, you name it. This is a classic parasol with a big, bold, new  twist. We just love finding special items to tempt you with, and this is imported from the US.

These artful accessories are perfect for strutting your stuff in the city, at a hot rod car show, the beach,
a concert, a burlesque performance, whatever-wherever! Even the finial is paper covered to match!

Quantities are limited, and re-ordering is not guaranteed - so be sure to get yours today!
Paper parasol is 32 inch diameter
25 inch bamboo handle
Treated with care this beauty will last!
UK postage £5
Overseas £14

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